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The Rachminov Story:

Rachminov Diamonds 1891 is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality fancy color diamonds for the leading jewelers of the world. Our knowledge has been acquired for generations and our understanding of the global market stems from our strong presence in the Far East, Europe and the Americas.

Lead by Eden Rachminov, an industry expert and a continuous contributor to the fancy color diamond world, as the author of the two best-sellers: 'The Fancy Color Diamond Book' and 'Fancy Color Diamonds: The Pricing Architecture'.

Eden and his management team are known to change old perceptions with an innovative approach to the fancy color diamond business.

The Rachminov Spirit

Each stone has a different story to tell, and each house has a different vision to share. As fancy color manufacturers, our goal is to match the stories and the visions.

Love at First Sight

We know how to bring out the potential of each fancy color diamond from the moment we lay our eyes on the rough. We know our clients’ expectations, and will sacrifice as many points as needed to achieve the chemistry.

Embrace Beauty

We manufacture diamonds with excellent makes only - very high color dispersion and strong personality, from melee to rare centerpieces.

Get Butterflies

Long-term relationships, like the ones we have with our partners, require high-maintenance. In our eyes, each client deserves a tailor-made service. Thus, we innovate constantly, and develop unique marketing tools that keep the flame alive.

Sharing is Caring

We share the secrets of the trade with our partners through unique training seminars. Having this knowledge, buyers and sales-team alike change their sales approach to fancy color diamonds and acquire endless talking points.

All you need is Love

All of our team can be defined under these few words: We love what we do, and that’s probably what makes the difference.

Rough Diamond Sources

Rachminov Diamonds 1891 partners with large diamond mining companies on important fancy color rough and distributes it to the top jewelry brands around the world. Our rough sourcing team attends every diamond tender that offers exceptional fancy color rough.


Rachminov Diamonds 1891 is one of 13 world-wide authorized partners for Argyle Pink Diamonds. As such, we can provide our clients access to a very limited number of these rarest of diamonds from Rio Tinto's Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia.


We manufacture our diamonds with a unique set of facets combination that covers the whole face-up view of the stone, and enhances its beauty. This proprietary technique creates an amazing visual effect. We apply this method for every rough diamond we polish.


Our Service

Jewelers define good service by a company's responsiveness, its communication abilities and its knowledge of the product. We try to do more than that: we read our clients' needs and anticipate the challenges they will have to deal with. As we specialize in fulfilling orders with strict criteria, efficiently and proficiently, our clients qualify our service as excellent.

Fancy Color Training Seminars


The passion to pass on the knowledge has always been present among Rachminov Diamonds' team. The educational tools we developed include products of years of extensive experience. In the same objective to share information that can be passed to the customer, Eden Rachminov holds exclusive in-depth Fancy Color Diamond training seminars. Our clients benefit from a live, interactive version of the two books he authored - The Pricing Architecture and the Fancy Color Diamond Book - but not only: the seminars are customized to fit each client's needs and challenges, and provide useful tools and talking points.

Managing Partners

Dotan Moyal
The Americas
Mr. Moyal has been managing the activity of the company in North and South America since 2003 with a unique sense of service for his client's needs. Dotan is a graduate gemologist from the GIA and based in New York City.
Lionel Benayoun
Mr. Benayoun has been servicing the top brands in Europe for over 15 years, gaining an outstanding reputation in the luxury industry. Responsible for business development in the company as well as nurturing existing personal relationships with high-end global brands, Lionel's jewelry manufacturing experience has become instrumental to his existing clients.
Ran Cohen
The Far-East
Mr. Cohen manages the activity of the company out of offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, overseeing a team that is constantly traveling to jewelers in all parts of Asia Pacific to understand their needs.

Sustainability & Compliance

Our Commitment
Rachminov 1891 has taken the principles of modern sustainability at heart for more than 25 years. Social responsibility, environmental protection and good governance have always been important vectors to steer our business course. We are a Certified Member of the Responsible Jewellery Council since 2017. This standard measures our achievements in the fields of human rights, labour rights, environmental impact, product integrity, health and safety and many more. In line with RJC Standards on reporting and disclosure, the following documents are made publicly available via this website:
Efforts and Performance
If you would like to know more about our sustainability efforts and performance, the various policies against which our company has been independently audited or if you have any grievances to address us, please send us an email at

See more on the website of Responsible Jewellery Council

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